Cheese is made four times a week by Rien, Teunie and two or their sons, but also Mr. Van Vliet senior who is nearly ninety, still plays an important role. What is the essence of cheese-making, according to this patriarch? ‘It’s a trade’, he starts. ‘You can’t learn it within a few days. Hygiene is most essential and, of course, the quality of the milk, which is associated with the quality of the grass the cows eat. And then the feeling you develop for the trade throughout the years. That is if you do it with love.’

The cheese tub is filled with 1300 liters of milk of which about one hundred and thirty kilos of cheese is produced. The left-over whey is fed to the pigs, so none of the milk goes to waste.  Four weeks later the cheese can be sold as young cheese, overripe cheese is sometimes more than two years old.