The farm originates from 1660, however, the family Van Vliet has only been living there since 1850. The real Gouda farm cheese has been made throughout many generations on this rural 17th century farm.

It was probably the first stone farm that was built in this area, in 1536. The former owner, Roeloff Aerts van Wensveen sold the business to a certain Otto van Bloijs van Treslongh, canon of the chapter to Utrecht in 1599. Mr van Bloijs van Treslongh had the façade renewed in 1610.

The farm is built on a brick foundation on natural clay ground. In the façade above the door, there are a number of windows with old relief arches. Furthermore, there are farm braids and wall-anchors in the façade. The building with its thatched roof still has windows with the original shutters on the outside. The summer house with boiler room on the left side of the farm is much younger, but fits in with the rest of the buildings. The farmhouse can be found on the list of protected monuments.