The idea of the Ruygentaler arised by the demand out of foreign countries. The taste of our cheese was experienced by the customers as fantastic, but they asked: why so few holes? Namely, the best tasting cheese is found around the holes. Subsequently we started developing a nice cheese with a Swiss accent, while preserving our own recipe and taste. That sounds very easy, but on the contrary: Because our cheese is from fresh ‘unpasteurised’ milk, the taste is subject to changes which are reflected in the taste and the holes in the cheese. Subsequently, to make a good cheese requires top-class sport. The holes in the Ruygentaler are never the same in size, because fresh ‘unpasteurised’ cheese is a living product. The biggest challenge with the Ruygentaler is to keep the holes controlable.

The tase of the Ruygentaler is different than other farmers cheeses in Holland. Whereas a lot of farmers cheese tastes like a farm, the Ruygentar tastes like its coming from the Alps. The taste of the Ruygentaler can best of all be compared with a crossing of Emmentaler, Appenzeller and ofcourse Gouda framers cheese.

The Ruygentaler is sold to specialists in Germany and Austria. In Holland the Ruygentaler is not only for sale in our farm shop, but also at multiple specialty shops in the region. To the specialty shops below we deliver:

– Kaasmeisje in Oudewater, Leeuweringerstraat
– Karsemeyer in Woerden, Molenvliet
– Karsemeyer in Woerden, Snel en Polanen
– De Ijsselpoort in Montfoort, Hoogstraat
– De Kaasspeciaalzaak van Ed Boele in Den Haag, Fahrenheitstraat

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