Ruyge Weyde
"Summer 1964"

The Farm

The farm, in the past and today.

The farm “Hoeve Vredebest” was one of the first farms build out of stone en has its origin in 1537. The owner at that time, Roeloff Aerts van Wensveen, selled the company to a Otto van Bloijs van Treslongh, also canon from the chapter of Utrecht in 1599. This one renewed the façade in 1610, which family van Vliet restored again in 2015.

The farmhouse has a cemented fundation and is located on a back of clay. In the façade above the door a couple of windows with old discharging arches are located. Furthermore farmers wicker work and braces are found. The windows still have outside shutters and the whole is still covered with a large cane roof with “wolfseind”. The farm is on the list for protected monuments.

After all these years and many generations later a lot of things have changed at our farm. Although the living part of the farm has been kept in its monumental state, a lot is changed around the farm. Above the stables of the young animals 3 hospices are located (Ruyge Weyde). Also there is a large reception room on the ground floor which has room for up to 40 persons. Large groups are welcomed here for guided tours/cheese tastings. In the farm there’s a cozy shop and cheesmaking. Where a lot of customers buy their cheese, eggs and meat.

Further in the back of the farm a stable for young cattle is located which is build in 1992 and has room for up to 70 cows. Even more in the back this year (2018) a new stable with milking robot will be build fort he milk cows, which has room for 70 cows.

Nowadays 70 milk cows is a small amount. An average farm business counts 110 cows. However, we don’t have the ambition to get big in the amount of cattle, but have the ambition by improving qualitatively. Quality is our main goal, we keep it that way. All cows are born here, have their own name en go into our grasslands. How beautiful can it be ?!